An ISO and CE Certified Company

An ISO and CE Certified Company

iL-3000D1 Laptop Full Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic System

Standard configuration:

  • Main unit ; 10 inch LED high resolution monitor ; USB port ; Lithium battery ; 3.5 MHZ convex probe


  • 3.5MHz cardiac probe; 7.5MHz High-frequency linear probe; 6.5MHz Trans-vaginal probe; 3.5MHz cardiac probe; Trolley ; Jet printer, Laser printer, Video printer, colour printer.

Apparatus Features:

  • Small volume(250mm x 170mm x 20mm); Light weight(980g); Laptop design; Shortcut key; Touch-screen; Convenient USB up-gradation; Rechargeable battery; Excellent image quality.


Imaging model : B, B/B, B/M, M, 4B
Magnification : X0.8, x0.9, x1.0, x1.1, x1.2, x1.3, x1.4, x1.5
Permanent storage : 1024 Frame
Cine loop : 192, manual and automatic
USB Ports : 2
IP set : 8
Measurement : Circumference, Area, Volume, Heart ratio, Velocity, OB and Cardiac
Puncture : Puncture guide line
TGC : Adjustable, Near field, Middle field and Far field are adjustable from 39 to 99
Body Marks : 35
Image store format : BMP, DICOM
Formula of Foetus' weight : OSAKA, TOKYO1, TOKYO2, MERZ

Winning Advantages:

  • Smart, light & fashionable design, net weight 980g
  • Dismountable and rechargeable lithium battery
  • Short cut key
  • Touchpad
  • Power save mode
  • Human & veterinary program auto change, buy 1 get 2

" Ultrasound Scanner Machines will be Sold & Purchased strictly as per the applicable Guidelines of PC & PNDT."

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