An ISO and CE Certified Company

An ISO and CE Certified Company

IGPV Emergent Portable Ventilator

Portable Ventilator for Emergency Use in Ambulance, Hospital and Remote places.

  • Emergent is an automatic emergency and transport ventilator suitable for emergency points such as ambulances, public areas and so on.
  • 3 ventilation modes. CMV, Spontaneous and Manual control

The set parameters are tidal volume, rate, selection of oxygen concentration and continuous oxygen flow rate for spontaneous ventilation makes it ideal for emergency care ventilation. It is equipped with pneumatic suction with a manual override.

Technical Specifications

Dimension : 28cm x 23 cm x 9 cm
Weight : 3.5 Kg
Mode : Pneumatically Controlled Time Cycled CMV, Manual & Spontaneous
Tidal Volume : 200 CC to 1200 CC
Breaths Per Minute : 10-30BPM
Oxygen Concentration : 60% & 100%
Manual Override : Push Button for Hyper Ventilation
Alarms : Audio-Visual Alarm for Disconnection, Source Pressure Failure, Airway Obstruction, HIP & LIP
Pneumatic Suction : (-) 300 mm of Hg
Manual Suction : (-) 600 mm of Hg
100% Oxygen Delivery : 1 to 10 LPM in One Rotation Upto 30 LPM in the next Rotation
Oxygen Cylinder : Light Weight Imported Almn. Cylinder Pin-Indexed Type

Unit Supplied along with One Oxygen Cylinder and 02 patient Circuits Adult type

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