An ISO and CE Certified Company

An ISO and CE Certified Company

iJ-70 Superconductive

Magnet type:

  • dual column open superconductive magnet
  • Magnetic field strength : 0.7±1% T
  • Magnetic field homogeneity: ≤10 ppm @ DSV 30cm
  • Magnetic field stability : ≤1 ppm/h
  • Liquid helium filling: ≤150L
  • Liquid helium consumption: 0L/h 5GS
  • line range (X,Y,Z): ≤4.5m,4.5m,4.5m

  • Gradient system:
  • Cooling method: air cooling Max.
  • Gradient strength: single axis ≥22.5mT/m
  • Max. Slew rate: single axis ≥75mT/m/ms
  • Gradient nonlinearity: <2%( DSV300mm)

  • RF system :
  • Spectrometer: full digital
  • peak power of RF amplifier: ≥6KW RF coil:
  • Flat planar transmitting coil
  • Receiving coil: built-in level 2 Front phased array coil
  • Receiving coil type: 4-channel phase array coil

Computer System :

  • New software interface, Bilingual choice Operation system: Windows CPU: dual core main frequency ≥2.8GHz RAM: ≥2GB Hard disc: ≥500GB Main screen: ≥22´´LCD TFT Display Monitor device : Machine and patient monitoring, Multi parameter monitoring and Quench protection system
  • Machine monitoring parameters: pressure, liquid level, temperature.
  • Patient monitoring parameters: respiration, RF, db/dt
  • System running mode: normal running mode, control running mode Level 1
  • Image post-processing and analysis:Image enhancement, zoom, shifting, tailoring, negative, window width and window level adjustment, text annotation or clear, distance measurement, interested area selection, average pixel value calculation, standard deviation calculation function of pixel value, signal value distribution, projection reconstruction etc.
  • Networking components : DICOM 3.0 standard interface, through the local Ethernet, easily connected with Internet camera, diagnostic and treat workstation, medical information systems, and remote diagnostic systems

  • Auto Pre-scan : Fast automatic correction Automatic frequency tracking Automatic coil identification Automatic uniform field compensation Automatic phase correction

  • Pulse sequence and scanning : GRE (Gradient Echo) SE ( Spin Echo) FSE ( Fast spin echo) IR (Inversion recovery) FSPGR ( Fast spoiled gradient recalled Echo) FLAIR (Fluid attenuated inversion recovery) STIR (Short time inversion recovery) PDWI (Proton density weighted imaging sequence) SSFSE (Single shot fast spin echo) TrueFISP (True fast imaging with steady precession sequence) 2D, 3D MRA MRM, MRU,MRCP DWI (Diffusion weighted imaging ) Gated trigger: breath Reconstruction calculation: 1DFFT, 2DFFD, 2DFFT, MIP, MPR, SSD

Image parameters

  • Spatial resolution : modulation factor is ≥ 0.47, structures can be resolved
  • Acquisition matrix : 64/128/256/512 Maximum display matrix : 1024x1024 FOV: 128~410 mm
  • Slice Orientation : any angle (Sagittal, coronal, transversal, Arbitrary inclined plane, multi slice and angle)
  • Image Type : T1 Weighted imaging , T2 weighted imaging ,T2* weighted imaging, proton density weighted imaging, water imaging, Water Suppressed Image, Fat Suppressed Image, dynamic imaging, Magnetic Resonance angiography (MRA), Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI)

Patient Table System

  • Patient bed : motor drive, electric lifting, Cross laser positioning Max. Patient load: 200Kg
  • Operating position : bilateral 10'' TFT LCD screen display, resolution 1280*1024, Real time display working state of the system, Two-way voice transmission system, observation window,
  • Position of the accessories : mattress, pillow, head pillow pad, fixed pads of all parts Cold head is from Sumitomo in Japan, air-cooled helium compressor
  • Machine power supply : 3 phase A.C. 380V/50Hz, 20KVA

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