An ISO and CE Certified Company

An ISO and CE Certified Company

iD 5033 A Fully Automatic Elisa Reader

  • Supports all the Elisa methods of examination items, such as : Hepatitis A, B (2½ pairs) and C, AIDS, Torch 10 items, Sex hormone, Tumor cells, T3, T4, tsh, etc.

  • KD 5033A enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay Instrument with Industrial computer-controlled, Large -screen LCD, has Excellent Performance of Accuracy, Reliability, Speed and Stability.

Technical Specifications :

Plate Type : 48-hole, 96-hole micro plates or bars.
Light Source : Single, Halogen Tungsten Lamp, Average Life Expectancy ≥5000 hours
Detector : Silicon Photocell
Wave Length : 400nm - 750nm
Optical Filter : Standard 405, 450, 492, 630nm. Other wavelengths, Optional.
Absorbance Range : 0.000 - 4.000Abs
Measurement Method : Single, Dual-wavelength Automatic measurement
Calculation Mode : Open type qualitative determination and quantitative analysis
Repeatability : CV ≤0.3%
Stability : ≤±0.003Abs
Resolution : 0.001Abs
Linearity : 0.01 or 2%
Reading Speed : ≤6s / 96 well plate, Single wavelength
Vibration Plate : Mode 5 Grade speeds (from weak to strong) can be set, Time 0 - 240s adjustable
Display : Large - screen LCD display, Touch Screen Operation. Store.
Power Supply : AC 220V±22V, 50±1Hz.
Computer Interface : USB Printer Interface, RS232
Printer : External. Print the results directly.

Winning Advantages:

  • Extremely High Level of Repeatability and Stability in the Industry. Rich vibration plate feature.
  • Instrument comes standard with four filters, 405, 450, 492, 630nm, other wavelengths optional.
  • Rich, Professional and Flexible Workstation Software and Report Format. Meets all current Test items. Powerful Database and Quality Control Functionality.
  • User can Modify, Increase or Decrease, or Custom Report Formats as needed.

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