An ISO and CE Certified Company

An ISO and CE Certified Company

ivOM 2

Technical Specifications :

Eye piece Magnification : 12.5x/18B
Objective Focus : f=200mm
Working Distance : 170mm
Magnification for Main Microscope : 4.6x ~27x , motorized and manual control, continuous magnification
Magnification for Assistant Microscope : 6x, 10x, 16x
Diameter of Field : ∮46mm ~8.5mm
Adjustable Diopter : ±7D
Adjustable Range of Pupil Distance : 55mm ~ 75mm (main microscope is 45mm – 80mm)
Maximal Resolution : 126LP/m
Focus for Assistant Microscope : ≥ 30mm
Illumination Source : 120V/100W, Medical Xenon Lamp and 12V/100W Halogen Lamp
Illumination Type : 6°+ 2° Coaxial illumination, 26° oblique illumination
Filter : UV-IR filter, yellow spot protection filter, red free, GG435, GG475
Coaxial Illumination : ≤180000lx (xenon); ≥2000Lx (Halogen), 1-99 Level; Foot/panel
Oblique Illumination : ≤180000lx (xenon); ≥2000Lx (Halogen), 1-99 Level; Foot/panel
Reaching Radius of Arm : 1230mm
Adjustable Vertical Range : 925mm ~ 1465mm
Fine Focus Speed and Range : ≤ 2mm/s, 45mm
Speed for X/Y and Range : ≤ 2mm/s, 50mm x 50mm
Input Voltage : AC 220V ± 22V /50HZ ±1HZ, AC 110V ±11V/60HZ±1Hz
Power : 280VA
Fuse : AC 250V T3.15A AC125V T6.3A (51S-063L)
Electrical Safety Standard : Executive to GB 9706.1-2007
Packing Volume : 0.856cbm, 5 cartons
Total Gross Weight : 230kg

Winning Advantages:

  • It provides an amazingly clear, fine observation by using Xenon light source.
  • -2 °+6° coaxial illumination greatly improves the intension and range of red light reflex.
  • UV-proof and heat absorption reduces the harm to intraocular tissues and more comfortable for the patient.
  • German Schott optics ensures bright, balanced and fine observation.
  • Optical design - Apochromatic technology, ensures coaxial light focus and makes clearer field of view.
  • Lock device under the microscope arm prevents accidents from happening.
  • Fine focusing knob is under the bottom of assistant binocular. The observation of the assistant's
  • Microscope can be finely focused
  • Independently from the main microscope, to avoid the different observations from the surgeon.

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