An ISO and CE Certified Company

An ISO and CE Certified Company

A Scan / Pachymeter / AB Scan Serial : ivO 2B Ophthalmic A/B Scan

Technical Specifications :

A Scan
Probe Frequency 10MHz
Method Contact, immersion (optional)
Precision 0.05mm
Measurement parameters ACD depth, lens, Axial length and its average
IOL Calculation SRK/II, SRK/T, Holladay, SCDK, Hoffer-Q, Haggis
Operation Automatic, Manual
Information storage Build-in Case data
Printer Inner Thermal Printer
Display Monitor High Speed LCD
Report Data Patient's name, ID, Right/left, Doctor's name, Date, IOL table.
B Scan
B-scan mode Mechanic Sector scans
Scan angle 53┬░
Detect Depth 50mm
Probe frequency 10 MHZ Error┬▒0.5 MHZ
Resolution Vertical<0.5mm, Lateral<1.0mm
Gray Scale 256
Display Mode B; B+B; B+A
Images reports External high definition ink-jet printer
Image Post Processing Brightness, Contrast, Smooth, Sharp, stretch, Equalize, etc.
Ultrasonic videoing grey scale reaches 256 Ultrasonic image dynamic playback

Winning Advantages:

  • Capable of capturing both still images and video clips, provides excellent image resolution with a full set of features
  • Easy to use measurement calipers for distance and angle measurements
  • Frame-by-frame review of video clips provided for selection of optimal image
  • Patient database and image library is provided with printing and download capabilities

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