An ISO and CE Certified Company

An ISO and CE Certified Company

Argon Electrosurgical Unit


Uses high current to ionize argon gas and release the energy to cut and coagulate the body tissues.

Technical Specifications :

Basic Frequency of Electrosurgical unit : 512KHz / 300KHz
Output Power : 350W(iE-800A), 300W(iE-800BI), 200W(iE-800BII)
Argon Output flow range : 0.1 - 12 L/min
Regulating Step : 0.1L/min, 0.2L/min,0.5L/min,1.0L/min
Argon Purity : 99.99%
Capacity : 1 bottle - 6L ( single channel) for iE-800E1
: 2 bottles - 6L* 2 (double channel) for iE-800E2
Classification : Class I, Type CF
Voltage & Frequency : 220Vs +/- 10% ; 50 Hz
Dimension of Gas controller (cm) : (L) 40 × (W) 42 × (H) 15

Winning Advantages:

  • Optimize the coagulation effect during the large diffuse hemorrhage.
  • Two auto switched argon gas bottles. Monopolar / Bipolar Auto switch Function.
  • Two pressure decrease valves, Section control argon gas to 0.1L/min. with higher accuracy.
  • Multiple-points monitor the argon gas input and output quantity and pressure to ensure the safety.
  • ENDOCUT, Pure cut, Coagulation can be separately operated, operation power can be automatically adjusted and combined.
  • Argon gas flow quantity of cut and coagulation can be separately controlled.
  • Simulated the ENDOCUT mode to avoid perforating the tissues ,misusing, and the burns to the patient.
  • Fixed Coagulation depth (0.5 - 3.00mm) , avoid perforating the tissues, no carbide, no smoke.
  • Power compensation system (PPS) , Automatic control cutting effect, make the cutting effect in consistent.
  • Wider Impedance Recognition (50-1800Ω), meets all kinds of environments, without frequent power adjustment match all kinds of surgeries.
  • Split type
  • Less bleeding, no oxidation and eschar advantages than traditional electrosurgical units.


Therapy surgery of Gynecology, E.N.T, Surgery under the celoscope and bonchoscope, bipolar electrosurgical cut surgery of prostate and uterus cavity.

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