An ISO and CE Certified Company

An ISO and CE Certified Company


Detects Pathological changes in Vulva, Vagina and the Cervix, filtering Cervix cancer

Technical Specifications

Mode : Green, Black / White
Imaging Mode : Colour
Image Freezing Control : Finger Control, Footswitch / Software Control
Minimum Illumination : 0.0 Siux
Signal-to-Noise (SNR) : >50 db
Electronic Shutter : 11/10,000 sec
Light Source : Multi-point surrounded high-brightness white cold light source
Back-lighted : Compensation automatic
Focus Area : 150 - 350mm
Zoom Optical Varifocal : 32 times
Digital Varifocal : 10 times
Dynamic Timing Control : Real-time display of acetic acid and iodine reaction tests
Video-out : PAL/NTSC 1.0 vp-p, 750
Software : Windows XP, V ISTA, 7 /8/10 Ultimate

Winning Advantages:

  • High Resolution 830,000 Pixels CCD. Advanced Image Processing Technology. ¼" high resolution colourful digital CCD camera. Auto/Manual Fast Focus control.
  • Speedy Automatic Functions of the Camera. "freeze, filter, zoom in, zoom out, white balance"
  • Unique Light Source Design : Adjustable super cold LED light source / brightness. Diameter 2mm. <5%
  • Abundant image data can be stored. Data Management and Analysis Function.
  • Integrated Computer Imaging. Powerful image software and work station system
  • Timing of acetic acid and iodine reaction tests.
  • Contains standard case report template, convenient to Edit / Print the Report.
  • Case report can be searched and back‐up copied.
  • Professional green-filter techniques, Image freeze, White balance, Auto focus,
  • Collects static images continuously. 99 Dynamic browse images. Continuous cineloop. Record of dynamic images in 6 different sampling frequencies.
  • Compares 4 pictures in the same screen. Executed by multi-orientations, multi-angles and dynamic consultations. Functions of copy, freeze and others.
  • Image enhancement functions to improve checking rate of micro-focus. Filter function ensures veins to be seen clearly with less loss of light. Very easy to operate Full-icon operation system.

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