An ISO and CE Certified Company

An ISO and CE Certified Company

iJ 820

Technical Specifications :

Infusion Rate : 1 - 1200ml/h (1ml/h step)
Purge Rate : 100 - 1200ml/h (can be calibrated)
Rate Accuracy : within±5% (after correct calibration)
Alarm Pressure :

  • High: 800mmHg±200mmHg
  • Medium: 500mmHg±100mmHg
  • Low: 300mmHg±100mmHg

Volume Limit / Total Infusion : 0.1 - 999.9ml
KVO Speed : 1 ~ 5ml/h (1ml/h step)
KVO Rate : 3ml/h
Bubble Detector : Ultrasonic wave detector. Detection Sensitivity ≥25μL
Forbidden : Blood Infusion Not supported
Power Source : 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz.
Power Consumption : 30VA
Dimension : 140(L)x157(W)x220mm(H)
Net Weight : 1.8 Kg.

Winning Advantages:

  • HD LCD Dynamic Displays working status. High Capacity Words. User Friendly Interface.
  • Alarm: Audible / Visual for Occlusion, Empty, Low Battery, End of Infusion, Door Open, Wrong Setting. End of Injection, Bubbles in the tube, AC power pulled out, Patient Gains.
  • Preset Solution Volume greatly reduces nurses workload.
  • Working Modes : ml/h and drop/min. Can be easily switched.
  • Compatible with any brands of infusion sets after correct calibration.
  • Automatically records the settings of last infusion.
  • Syringe plunger grabble detector, operable with one hand in a No - Germ Environment.
  • DC12V car charge. Internal Rechargeable Li Battery ≥1, 600mAh 4 hours backup.
  • KJ-820 D stores 2000 Infusion Records. Drug Library Available.

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